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SCAMP is the easiest and complete dog software program for the PC or MAC in the market today.


NOTE : The Scamp program has been put on hold waiting for the next version. The next version is expected later this year. Send an email if you want to put on the notification list when it is available.


<<You can still download the DEMO version below>>


  •   Scamp Program costs $ 59 Canadian with free updates for the first year
  •   Scamp will pay for it self within a few weeks by increasing your professional appearance
  •   And improving your organization & record tracking

  •   Runs with PC or MAC computers
  •   Scamp is simple for the user to enter information & produce reports
  •   Dog data is entered once and is automatically updated
  •   This program is designed for the single dog , multiple dog family or professional dog person.


Events & Show Schedule   Results Wins
Automatic Application forms   Judges
Certificates   Inventory
Pedigrees   Expenses
Clients   Income
Health Vet   Inventory
Litters   Pictures
Cycle Tracking   To-Do List
Whelping   Dog Age Calculator
Coefficient Inbreeding COI   Grooming Schedule
Training Schedule    
You can import and export data easily from and to all pedigree style programs including BXF files from Mans Best Friend


"To Download a free Scamp Demo Program " (approx. size 7mb)

for PC XP, Vista, 2000, press download  

(For the PC version click on the scamp.exe file and it will install.)



    for  MAC OS X press download

The password is scamp1

( For the mac version it is compressed, you will need a free program like Aladdin Stuffit)

(Click link download for Aladdin Stuffit)


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